Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful ... but the soup-pot is sooooo delightful ...

It's April 23rd.  And it's snowing.  I love Canadian weather!  Perhaps I'm still mourning the end of another ski season, but when the flakes are falling I can't help but crave soups n stews n braises.  Tonight is not a night for salads.  Nor a night for white-wine spritzers.  Not even a night for sushi.  No.  Tonight is a night to embrace the chill in the air!  Harness your inner Canadian-spirit and stoke the fire!

"Bring me my soup-pot and prepare the bowls!" I cried out like a Brigadier General.

I should probably note that I come from a long-line of soup-makers.  My great-grandmother was an army cook and this might explain why I make huge batches of food - I completely embrace "cooking for an army" as one of my kitchen philosophies.  No one will leave my table hungry (and many will leave with leftovers!).  My grandmothers soup is also legendary - and while she rarely worked from any formal written instructions, her 'throw it all in a pot' mentality was always a recipe for success.  And even my mother, despite her claims of "not being able to cook", has cranked out some of the most fantastic soups I've ever tasted.  I hope to find her meatball soup for a future posting ...

So in the spirit of this cold and sleet/snow/rainy day ... grab yourself a spoon, pull up a spot on the sofa and wrap yourself in a blanket ... if we're lucky there'll be some PVR'ed episodes of Coronation Street waiting for us on "the tele ":)  Happy slurping.

Pureed Squash and Apple Soup

You will need:
Cutting board, sharp knife, veggie peeler, roasting pan, blender or food processor, strainer/mesh seive and a soup pot.  (Also a wine glass, but that's for later ...)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Young at Heart ... a buffet lunch for 20

In an attempt to find 'the perfect first recipe' to post, I came across some images from a 90th birthday party I was lucky enough to have been a part of.  My partner in crime and I were in charge of everything from decorations, to activities, to catering.  And all the bits-n-pieces that fell in between.   There were a few late nights, a few recipe disasters (why the chocolate mousse didn't set the first time, we'll never know), a lot of laughs and ... well, this was really the defining moment for both of us ... 'this' ... this 'kind of thing' is what makes us happy.  Seeing someone lick their spoon, clean their plate, and go back for more made the decision to start our own little empire a little more 'real'.  So while this post isn't the recipe-post I was originally thinking of, perhaps it's a better beginning after all.  Happy snacking.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

"No, it's not ready yet ... but yes, you can lick the spoon while we wait."

As the countdown to 'summer market season' begins, I thought ...  if I can make beef stew on an open fire during a rainstorm (true story), then maybe, just maybe I can write a blog too. 

So for everyone who said "oh m'gawd can you email me this recipe" ... happy stirring.

Recipes coming ... well, soon.